2 hour Party Packages


2 hour party #1

Includes all nails painted with nail polish with one feature nail on each hand for up to 10 kids.With a large range of fun designs to choose from there is something for everybody. This party package suits any age group from 3-16 year olds but is particularly good for younger groups who have trouble sitting still for long periods of time.
* Requests not available with this package

2 hour party #2

For real lovers of nail art, this package is for up to 6 kids and includes nail art on every nail. Choose from the huge range of designs on the display board or request something new. nail art can also be designed around a parties theme.
Suits ages 6-16

3 hour Party Packages


3 hour party #1

This is the same as the two hour party#1 and includes all nails painted with nail polish and one nail art feature nail on each hand, for up to 15 kids

3 hour party#2

Detailed nail art on all fingers for up to 9 kids

Teen Party Package

The teen package is for smaller groups, sleepovers etc


     * $160 for 4 kids, $25 for each additional child

. Detailed nail art is included, each person can choose a different design for every nail    (10 different designs). I love a challenge so if there is something you would like on your nails that I don't have, I'm more than happy to give it a go.

 Please allow half an hour per person.

Nail art class party

Having been to quite a few nail art parties I am amazed at how keen the girls are to learn nail art for themselves. I am constantly bombarded with questions and while I try to help as much as I can I decided a nail art class would be the best idea. This way not only can I teach the girls everything they want to know, but I can also provide them with the all tools and equipment they will need.

* Cost is $160 for up to 4 girls. This price includes a nail art kit for each girl and a 1 hour lesson


Every girl will recieve their own boxed nail art kit to take home valued at $25. Each kit contains the following

 Plastic practise wheel, 1 tiny paint brush,  an assortment of nail gems, Nail stickers,  1 dotting tool, 1 bottle of glitter, 1 nail file, toe seperators, 1 coloured polish,  1 clear polish, 1 set of acrylic paints.                                                                                                   

Please be advised that this party does not include the girls nails being painted although that can be arranged.